3D Coat 3.5 Photo Painting I-Paint an Elephant Using Photos




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3D Coat 3.5 for LightWave Users-Photo Painting I

In this videos series we show 3D students how to use 3D Coat and LightWave 3D together as an easy and functional workflow and pipeline in your 3D projects. Although this video series uses Lightwave 3D as the final output for your 3D Coat work, the concepts and principles used here will work with all the most popular 3D programs like 3D Max, Maya, Softimage, Modo, Cinema 4D and many others.

In this tutorial 3D Coat Instructor Adam Gibson demonstrates the powerful photo painting tool-set inside of 3D Coat. Sometimes in order to create the most photo-realistic and life-like looking characters you need to use real photos of animals/creatures to create the illusion. Also this can be a huge time saver as trying to paint a texture from scratch can be very tedious, time-consuming, and require great skill.  Learning how to use the photo-painting tool can save hours and hours of texturing work and speed up your work-flow. So if you are looking for a quick way to texture your creatures and animals this is the training course for you.

Table of Contents for Photo Painting I

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- Organizing/Prepping Photos for Painting

Chapter 3- Setting Up/Importing the Character Mesh in 3D Coat

Chapter 4- Photo Painting Tool Basics

Chapter 5- Creating a Base Texture (Part One)

Chapter 6- Creating a Base Texture (Part Two)

Chapter 7- Painting the Ears

Chapter 8- Painting the Front of the Head and Trunk

Chapter 9- Painting the Back and Side of the Trunk

Chapter 10- Painting the Side of the Head

Chapter 11- Painting the Bottoms of the Feet

Chapter 12- Painting the Toes of the Front Feet

Chapter 13- Painting the Toes of the Rear Feet

Chapter 14- Painting the Side of the Legs and the Body

Chapter 15- Painting the Side, Top, and Bottom of the Body

Chapter 16- Painting the Inner Legs

Chapter 17- Painting the Back of the Knees and Front of the Legs

Chapter 18- Painting the Tusks

Chapter 19- The Darken Tool

Chapter 20- Merging All the Layers and the Lighten Tool

Chapter 21- Toe Nail Clean Up Work

Chapter 22- Exporting to LightWave 3D and Test Renders in Layout

Chapter 23- Use Source Positions Export Correction

Chapter 24- Final Test Renders


Level: Beginner

Running Time: 4 hrs 48 mins.

Screen Resolution: 1440 x 900 pixels

Video Format: Quicktime Video (.mov)