Starfighter Detailing Volume #2- Color Maps






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3D Coat 3.7 Sci-Fi Bundle Pack

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Titles Included:

2D Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection Volume #1

3D Coat 3.7-UV Mapping a StarFighter -Quick Method

3D Coat 3.7- StarFighter Detailing Volume #1- Normal Maps

3D Coat 3.7- StarFighter Detailing Volume #2- Color Maps

3D Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection Volume #1

3D Coat 3.7- Painting Tools and Alpha Brushes Volume #1

3D Coat 3.7- Painting Tools and Alpha Brushes Volume #2

3D Coat -StarFighter Detailing- Volume #2 -Color Maps

In this training video Instructor Adam Gibson shows how to detail a Spacefighter model that was created in Lightwave using 3D Coat's powerful normal mapping and painting tools. Learn how to take simple models and create complex surface geometry like Sci-Fi panels, vents, pipes, rivets, and all kinds of gadgets and nurnies. In this second volume on Color Maps you will learn how create realistic looking weathered down hull along with battle damage. Grunge, Dirt, Corrosion, Dirt Streaks, Laser Blast /Battle Damage. Tips and tricks on how to use the different brush types along with alpha brush collections is covered in great detail. The concepts learned from this video can be used for all sorts of other projects like machinery, vehicles of all types, and architecture. Great for detailing hard surface models, but not limited to. You can also apply what you learned for organic objects as well.

Also included is a Free Alpha Brush Collection created by LightWave Artist "Kevin Phillips". This a Grunge and Weathering Alpha Brush set that is perfect for Sci-Fi detailing. 

Table of Contents for Volume #1-Normal Maps

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- Adding a Base Metal Layer

Chapter 3- Adding a New Paint Dirt Layer

Chapter 4- Paint Brush Alphas

Chapter 5- Layer Blending and Layer Emboss

Chapter 6- Paint Chipped Panels

Chapter 7- Painting the Vents

Chapter 8- Dirt Between the Panels

Chapter 9- Blaster Tip Burns

Chapter 10- Dirt Streaks

Chapter 11- Stains

Chapter 12- Blast and Damage Marks

Chapter 13- Corrosion

Chapter 14- How to Export Color and Normal Maps from 3D Coat

Chapter 15- Importing the Spacefighter into LightWave's Layout with all Maps

Chapter 16- Final Render in LightWave 3D


Running Time:  3 hrs. 53 min.

Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Video Format: MP4 (.mp4)

Level: Beginner & Up