Problem #1: My Download cuts off before the file is completely downloaded, but it says that it's finished downloading, even though it's not.

Answer #1: There are many reasons/variables that can cause this problem, but the use of a Free "Download Manager" usually solves this problem. 

Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox has free "Download Managers" that you can download from their websites.

DOWNLOAD MANAGERS for free download below:

DOWN THEM ALL (Firefox Browser)
Folx - Downloader for Mac

Problem #2: My computer will not allow me to download the file at all. Not even a partial download.

Answer #2: Make sure that if you are using a firewall that the settings are correct. Or you can just turn off the "Firewall" temporarily to download the file.  A firewall can sometimes see downloads as an attack on your computer and just blocks the attempt. What it is doing is trying to prevent someone from having access to or hi-jacking your computer.


We will be adding to this list so we are asking our students and clients to always report any download issues or problems and solutions that corrected the problem.

We have customers from all over the world and everyone's internet/downloading situation can be very different based off of: Location in the World, Type of High-Speed you are using, Monthly Account Limits, Type of Computer, Computer Settings, Download Manager Software, etc....

So as you can see those are just a few variables that can have an effect. So if something goes wrong don't panic we will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Also we have no problems with reissuing new download links for problem files,  provided there is record that the customer has paid. Since we use Paypal we always have access to who has paid. So there is always a digital paper trail of your purchases so in case you lost/or deleted your receipt we always have a copy/records.