Lightwave 3D 9.6 Animating a Tyrannosaurus



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Lightwave 3D 9.6 Animating a Tyrannosaurus

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In this video tutorial LightWave Instructor Adam Gibson demonstrates how to animate a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur using LightWave's powerful animation tools and IK (Inverse Kinematics) System. Walking and adding secondary motions like tail wagging, body and  head bobbing movements, and weight-shifting/distribution are shown in great detail. Also important aspects like how to prevent "slippage" where the characters feet start sliding around and need to be locked down to the ground is also demonstrated.

Also if you are terrified or scared of LightWave's Graph Editor this video is designed with the beginner 3D student in mind so that you don't need to use the graph editor if you don't want to.

Simple and easy key framing techniques are shown to get your characters up and moving fast.

Learn how to make preview animations to test your characters movements in real time before you render.

Techniques shown in the tutorial are compatible with LightWave versions 6.0 and above.

*BONUS: Free Tyrannosaurus Model Included along with Rigged Scene Files!!


Table of Contents for Animating a Tyrannosaurus

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- Importing the Scene File and Rigged/IK Model

Chapter 3- Setting Up the Viewports in Layout

Chapter 4- Correcting Object Size to Real World Scale

Chapter 5- Reviewing the Object Size Correction and using the "Item Picker" Plugin

Chapter 6- Timing for Animation

Chapter 7- Creating the First Walk Cycle (Adding Key Frames and Tension)

Chapter 8- Creating the Second Walk Cycle (Adding Key Frames and Tension)

Chapter 9- Creating the Third Walk Cycle (Adding Key Frames and Tension)

Chapter 10- Key Framing the Feet Lifting off the Ground

Chapter 11- Key Framing Head and Body Bobbing

Chapter 12- Leg IK Error Fix

Chapter 13- Key Framing Body Side-to-Side Movement (Part One)

Chapter 14- Key Framing Body Side-to-Side Movement (Part Two)

Chapter 15- IK Thigh Fix

Chapter 16- Body Movement Edit

Chapter 17- Key Framing Tail Movement

Chapter 18- Key Framing Neck Movement

Chapter 19- Key Framing Foot Bend (Part One)

Chapter 20- Key Framing Foot Bend (Part Two)

Chapter 21- Forearm Animation Test

Chapter 22- Key Framing Neck Turn and T-Rex Roaring at Camera


Level: Beginner

High Quality (Screen-Res 1440 x 900 pixels) Quicktime Video

Running Time: 4 hrs. 17 mins