Lightwave 9: Dinosaur UV Mapping-UV Mapping a Velociraptor



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Lightwave 3D-Dinosaur UV Mapping-by Adam Gibson

In this video tutorial Adam Gibson shows how to UV Unwrap a Velociraptor style dinosaur from head to toe. Very few Lightwave tutorials show the whole process of UV Unwrapping a character and organizing the all the UV islands into one "Giant UV Island" in preparation for 2D digital painting programs such as Adobe Photoshop or 3D Painting Programs like ZBrush, Modo, 3D Coat and others. 

Most situations in production of digital characters require you to have a properly created and organized UV Map. Whether your character is going to be used in Film, Video, Web, or a Video Game you are probably going to need to create a UV Map.  Those of you who are new to UV mapping or can't seem to figure out UV mapping this is the video for you.

Not only does Adam Gibson take you through the whole process step-by-step he also shows in great detail Lightwave's built-in UV Editing Tools plus shows how to use a FREE PLUG-IN (PLG UV Unwrapping Tools) that is available for free download.

Use of this Plug-In will save you hours and hours of time. Adam shows how to unwrap each and every body part using this quick and easy plug-in. That includes: Arms, Legs, Body, Tail, Claws, Feet, Hands, Head, Teeth, Inner-Mouth, and Eyes.

If you are looking to learn the art of UV Mapping quickly this is the video you need to get you there.  And since this a project based video you'll actually get to see how to use these tools in full production environment. Also at the end of the video Adam Gibson shows how to import your UV Map into Adobe Photoshop for Digital Painting of your character.

 Software Used: Lightwave 3D 9.3.1

User Level: Beginner to Novice

Video Codec: Quicktime Video

Running Time: 5 hrs. 13 mins.