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LightWave 10 Rigging a Human-by Adam Gibson

In this 14 hour video training course for beginner LightWave students 3D Instructor Adam Gibson shows the essential basics to rig human style characters for posing and animation.

Detailed demonstration of how to build/edit a complete skeletal structure with skelegons/bones, weight-mapping, bone parenting, model modification/adjustments, test deformations, adding powerful hand and foot control nulls, IK (Inverse Kinematics) Set-up and problem solving are all included within this course.  A great training guide for beginner 3D students to get started rigging their 3D models for animation purposes. Make your 3D models and characters come to life!!

*All Model and Scene Files are included with the course so that you can follow along.

Table of Contents for Rigging a Human

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- Bones and Skelegons

Chapter 3- Prepping the Model for Rigging

Chapter 4- Pre-Bending the Knees for IK (Inverse Kinematics)

Chapter 5- Skelegon Tools

Chapter 6- COG Bones

Chapter 7- Lower Body Skelegons (Part One)

Chapter 8- Lower Body Skelegons (Part Two)

Chapter 9- Spine and Head Skelegons

Chapter 10- Spine and Head Adjustment

Chapter 11- Creating Chest and Collar Bones

Chapter 12- Arm Bones

Chapter 13- Hand and Finger Bones

Chapter 14- Mirroring Arm Chain and Renaming Skelegons

Chapter 15- Eye Bones and Weight Maps

Chapter 16- Assigning Weight Maps to the Eye Bones

Chapter 17- Merging all the Assets to One Layer

Chapter 18- Pre-Bending the Arms for IK (Inverse Kinematics)

Chapter 19- Moving the Mesh to COG Position

Chapter 20- Import Mesh into Layout for Rigging Set-Up

Chapter 21- How to Change Bone Colors

Chapter 22- Reparenting Bones (Part One)

Chapter 23- Reparenting Bones (Part Two)

Chapter 24- Record Pivot Rotation (Part One)

Chapter 25- Record Pivot Rotation (Part Two)

Chapter 26- Bone Twist Tool (Part One)

Chapter 27- Bone Twist Tool (Part Two)

Chapter 28- Hand Deformation Test

Chapter 29- Adjusting Thumbs Geometry

Chapter 30- Adjusting Thumbs Pitch Angle

Chapter 31- Finger Deformation Problems

Chapter 32- Increasing Finger Polygons

Chapter 33- Swapping Out Old Geometry for New Corrected Geometry

Chapter 34- Using the Joint Move Tool to Adjust Hand Bones

Chapter 35- Locking Off Position and Rotational Channels

Chapter 36- Deformation Tests

Chapter 37- Elbow Joint Clean-Up

Chapter 38- Head Weight Map

Chapter 39- Arms and Body Weight Map

Chapter 40- Leg Weight Maps (Part 1)

Chapter 41- Leg Weight Maps (Part 2)

Chapter 42- Leg Joint Compensation Tools

Chapter 43- Muscle Flexing Tools and Groin Fix

Chapter 44- Editing Skeleton/Bones in Layout

Chapter 45- Recolorizing Bones and Weight Maps

Chapter 46- Mirror Hierarchy Tool

Chapter 47- Leg IK (Inverse Kinematics) Set-Up

Chapter 48- Adding Foot Control Nulls

Chapter 49- Assigning Ankle Goal Null

Chapter 50- Parenting Foot Nulls

Chapter 51- Left IK (Inverse Kinematics) Set-Up

Chapter 52- Cloning Foot Nulls

Chapter 53- Null error Problem

Chapter 54- Left Foot Goal Tests

Chapter 55- Testing Leg IK (Inverse Kinematics) and Knee Control

Chapter 56- Arm IK (Inverse Kinematics) Set-Up

Chapter 57- Colorizing Hand and Foot Nulls

Chapter 58- Item Shape and Proxy Pick Tools

Chapter 59- Item Shape Selection Set-Up for Hands and Feet

Chapter 60- Adding Master Control Nulls to the Character

Chapter 61- Setting Up Initial Key Frames and Character Posing


High Quality (Screen-Res 1440 x 900 pixels) Quicktime Video

Level: Beginner

Running Time: 14 hrs. 39 mins