Lightwave 3D- Lightwave Sci-Fi Modeling (Volume #2)-Exteriors: Futuristic City





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Lightwave 3D Sci-Fi Modeling-Volume #2-by Adam Gibson

In this training video watch Lightwave Instructor Adam Gibson build a Sci-Fi Style City similar to many that have been created for big screen sci-fi action films.

The premise of this video is to show Lightwave's quick and powerful modeling tools combined with some compositing tricks to create the illusion of a massive city using very little geometry. Less geometry means quicker render times. Techniques on how to set up a Sky-Dome and how to set-up optical illusions using Perspective are discussed in detail.

Table of Contents for Modeling a Sci-Fi City

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- Creating Background Buildings Using 2D Images/Photos

Chapter 3- Futuristic Style Structures

Chapter 4- Capsule Shape Tower (Part One)

Chapter 4- Capsule Shape Tower (Part Two)

Chapter 5- Quad Winged Tower

Chapter 6- Short Tower

Chapter 7- Creating a Tower with the Taper Tool

Chapter 8- Creating a Tower with the Boolean Tool (Part One)

Chapter 8- Creating a Tower with the Boolean Tool (Part Two)

Chapter 9- Creating a Tower with the Lathe Tool

Chapter 10- How to Resize your Models with the Absolute Size Tool

Chapter 11- What is a Sky Dome?

Chapter 12- Creating a Sky Dome

Chapter 13- Setting Up a Sky Dome in Layout

Chapter 14- How to Render Images for "Polygon Building Background Plates"

Chapter 15- How to Create "Polygon Building Image Background Plates" in Modeler

Chapter 16- How to Composite "Polygon Building Image Background Plates" in Layout

Chapter 17- How to Remove Perspective from "Polygon Building Image Background Plates"

Chapter 18- Radiosity and Lighting

Chapter 19- Lights: Exclude Object/Mesh Feature

Chapter 20- City Assets

Chapter 21- Adjusting Background Plates in Layout

Chapter 22- Adjusting Background Plates Images in Photoshop

Chapter 23- Re-Applying Background Plate in Layout

Chapter 24- Cloning and Adjusting BG Plates

Chapter 25- Populating the Scene with City Objects

Chapter 26- Camera Animation Set-Up

Chapter 27- Adding Tension to Camera Keyframes

Chapter 28- Background Spacefighter Fly-by

Chapter 29- Added City Traffic and Render Settings

Chapter 30- Final Animation


Level: Beginner

Running Time: 7 hrs. 44 mins.

Screen-Res: 1680 x 1050 pixels)

Video Format: MP4(.mp4)