MODO 601-Dinosaur Sub-D Modeling-Project Tyrannosaurus




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Sub-D Modeling a T-Rex

In this video tutorial 3D Instructor Adam Gibson teaches how to Sub-D model a dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus) from scratch using reference images. Modo has a vast amount of modeling tools to choose from and sometimes it can confusing which tools to use. Adam shows how to get great results by using a very small handful of tools. Demonstration of how to prepare reference images in a 2D editing program and importing them into Modo 601 is shown in great detail as well.


Table of Contents for Sub-D Modeling a T-Rex

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- Photo Reference Explanation

Chapter 3- How to Edit Photo References in Photoshop

Chapter 4- How to Import Reference Photos into Modo 601

Chapter 5- Sculpting the Head (Part One)

Chapter 6- Sculpting the Head (Part Two)

Chapter 7- Creating the Mouth Skin Flap

Chapter 8- Mirror the Head

Chapter 9- Interior Mouth Beveling

Chapter 10- Adding Edges (Edge Loops) Around the Head

Chapter 11- Rounding the Head and Tweaking

Chapter 12- Leg Sculpting (Part One)

Chapter 13- Leg Sculpting (Part Two)

Chapter 14- Leg Sculpting (Part Three)

Chapter 15- Middle Toe Modeling

Chapter 16- Toe Cloning

Chapter 17- Welding Toes onto the Foot

Chapter 18- Inner Toe Claw

Chapter 19- Hand Claw Finger

Chapter 20- Clone Finger and Create the Hand Section

Chapter 21- Creating the Arm

Chapter 22- Creating the Tail (Part One)

Chapter 23- Creating the Tail (Part Two)

Chapter 24- Connect Tail to the Legs (Part One)

Chapter 25- Connect Tail to the Legs (Part Two)

Chapter 26- Connect Arm to the Body (Part One)

Chapter 27- Connect Arm to the Body (Part Two)

Chapter 28- Connect Body to Head

Chapter 29- Tweaking and Massaging Polygons and Vertices

Chapter 30- Create Eye Balls

Chapter 31- Create Eye Sockets

Chapter 32- Create Nostrils

Chapter 33- Sculpting Eye Sockets to Fit Eyes

Chapter 34- Tweaking the Nostrils

Chapter 35- Create the Tongue

Chapter 36- Create the Upper Teeth

Chapter 37- Create the Lower Teeth

Chapter 38- Mirror the Teeth and Final


Running Time:  10 hrs.  32 mins.

Level: Beginner

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Format: MP4 Video (.mp4)