ZBrush 4 for Lightwave Users-Displacement Maps



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ZBrush 4 for Lightwave Users-Displacement Maps

In this videos series we show 3D students how to use ZBrush 4 and Lightwave 3D together as an easy and functional workflow and pipeline in your 3D projects. Although this video series uses Lightwave 3D as the final output for your ZBrush work, most of the concepts, principles and techniques used here will work with all the most popular 3D programs like 3D Max, Maya, Softimage, Modo, Cinema 4D and many others.

In this tutorial Lightwave and ZBrush Instructor Adam Gibson shows you how to create Displacements Maps for a Velociraptor dinosaur model originally created in Lightwave 3D. By using the sculpting tools inside of Zbrush you can add detail to your models like muscle, bone, tendons, and ligaments and export that detail out as a Displacement Map for use in other 3D programs.

Adam shows how the Displacement Node in Lightwave 3D is utilized to reproduce the detail created in ZBrush from the sculpting process. The Displacement Node set-up is shown in full detail so that the student can easily recreate it on their own and even save it for use on other projects.

 Table of Contents for Displacement Maps

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- Optimizing your Mesh for ZBrush (Part-1)

Chapter 3- Optimizing your Mesh for ZBrush (Part-2)

Chapter 4- Optimizing your Mesh for ZBrush (Part-3)

Chapter 5- Checking the UV Map for Problem Areas

Chapter 6- Exporting Body Parts as Individual OBJs

Chapter 7- Importing Body OBJ into ZBrush

Chapter 8- Checking UVs in ZBrush for Problems

Chapter 9- Adjusting UV's with ZBrush's UV Master Plug-in

Chapter 10- Creating a Morph Target

Chapter 11- Increasing Subdivision Levels

Chapter 12- How to Use the OBJ ZBrush Mode

Chapter 13- Importing the Teeth OBJ into ZBrush

Chapter 14- How to Append the Teeth as a Sub-Tool Layer

Chapter 15- Sculpting the Thigh Muscles and Knee Detail

Chapter 16- Sculpting the Calf Muscles and Shin Detail

Chapter 17- Foot and Ankle Detailing

Chapter 18- Creating Rib-Cage Bones

Chapter 19- Adding Spinal Bones on the Back

Chapter 20- Neck Detailing

Chapter 21- Belly and Groin Detailing

Chapter 22- Arm and Bicep Detailing

Chapter 23- Shoulder Detailing

Chapter 24- Forearm Detailing

Chapter 25- Claw/Hand Detailing

Chapter 26- Head Detailing

Chapter 27- Preparing Mesh for Displacement Map Export

Chapter 28- Generating a Displacement Map in ZBrush

Chapter 29- Exporting a Displacement Map from the Alpha Menu

Chapter 30- Flip Vertical Button

Chapter 31- Creating and Exporting a Bump Map

Chapter 32- Exporting a new OBJ File

Chapter 33- Import OBJ into Lightwave 3D

Chapter 34- Scene Set-Up in Layout

Chapter 35- Bump Map Set-Up

Chapter 36- Displacement Node Set-Up Part One

Chapter 37- Displacement Node Set-Up Part Two

Chapter 38- Saving a Displacement Node for Other Models


Running Time: 8 hrs. 7 mins

High Quality (Screen-Res 1440 x 900 pixels) Quicktime Video

Level: Beginner to Intermediate